A Dreamy Void

​I draw animals that are frozen in a moment of time, in a dark dreamy void. The void is the feeling of a dream, a dimness or uncertainty that has taken control over the mind, as one is helplessly vulnerable in sleep to endless imagination. Most times I find myself in the shoes of the main subject of the dream, watching everything around and trying to make sense of it all. Why am I there? What is happening? How do I find my way out, or at least make it more enjoyable? Dreaming is a strange and mysterious thing. Realistically drawn animals versus more simplified organic forms represent the unrealistic scenarios that our brains could conjure up. Symbolism and imagery leave questions about the dream’s purpose or relevance that often go unanswered. In the end, my work portrays dream-like scenarios that could be poetic in its arrangement and symbolism, leaving the viewer with unanswered questions to ponder.​​

I begin a piece by referencing pictures I have taken myself and combine an array of photos. In a way, it is like making a collage and similar to the way the brain uses the things we see in life and collages them into one’s dreams. As I combine the images, the subjects’ interactions often lead in surprising directions. For example, animals that are not normally expected to be seen together can interact in either a positive or negative way. My process of creating these drawings is a long and meditative experience, which involves attention to the overall scene, as well as the fine details. The whole background is filled with dark black, creating a void and stillness, while emphasizing the realistic rendering of fur, texture, and shading of the creatures. I add color to highlight what I find most interesting about an animal. The placement and scale of the animals, as well as the more simplified organic shapes, help create the unusualness of the scenarios. The darkness, placement, and fine details of the animals direct the eyes and mind to consider possibilities that might not have been considered before.

Wanderlust, Mixed Media, 2019, 24" x 18"

Zembanity, Mixed Media, 2019, 18" x 24"

Sanctuary, Mixed Media, 2019, 24" x 18"

Numibous, Mixed Media, 2019, 18" x 24"

Lotus-Eater, Mixed Media, 2019, 18" x 24"

Insouciant, Mixed Media, 2019, 18" x 24"

Euphoria, Mixed Media, 2019, 18" x 24"